2016 Board

Thank you to our 2016 board members!

Front Row: Mike Simon, Susie Rupert, Laura Thomas. Back Row: Kathy Nugent-Arnold, Christine Robinson, Steve Sliman, Clay Duarte, Nicholas Persac, Jonathon Puckett, Stacey Brewer, Misti Edwards, Francis Landreaux.  (Not pictured:  Francine Quigley, Nils Gundersen, Phil Rasy, Rick Rupert, Leon Connelly and Sharon Owens.)

Board Members for 2016:

Susie Rupert, President
Kathy Nugent-Arnold, Vice-President
Stacey Brewer, Secretary
Steve Sliman, Treasurer
Christine Robinson
Clay Duarte, Crawfish Chair
Francine Quigley
Francis Landreaux
Jonathan Mouton
Leon Connelly
Laura Thomas, Scholarships
Mike Simon
Misti  Edwards
Nicholas Persac, Party Barge
Nils Gundersen
Phillip Rasy
Rick Rupert
Sharon Owens

Email us at board @lsuaustin.com!