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The Austin Chapter of the LSU Alumni Association offers two scholarships that are awarded to qualified LSU students from the Central Texas area (defined as Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Travis, Williamson, Blanco, Burnet, Lee, Llano, Mason, and Milam Counties).


Each are one-time awards of $2,000 per year / $1000 per semester.

To apply for the Frances Brougher Scholarship for entering freshmen, simply complete the LSU admissions application [] to be automatically considered. No separate scholarship application is now required. 

To apply for the Lawrence Buford Scholarship for returning LSU students, log in to Blackbaud Award Management and complete the scholarship application on myLSU []

Through our annual fundraiser, we have managed to raise over $80,000 for our endowed scholarship funds! With the distributions from our endowments, plus direct distributions, we have provided over $50,000 of direct support to our LSU scholarship recipients. This could not happen without the hard work and support of everyone involved! THANK YOU!

Check out the Merit-Based LSU scholarships here

If you have any questions, please email our scholarship committee at 


2023 Returning Student:

Emily Bergeron, $2,000

2023 Freshman Student:

Jamayla Coleman, $2,000


2022 Returning Student:

Amelia Vidrine, $2000

2022 Freshman Student:

Ashley Purkey, $2000

Runner-up Freshman Student:

Adele Cummins, $1000

2021 Frances Brougher Scholarship for Entering Freshman:

Corinn Oliver, $2000


2021 Lawrence Buford Scholarship for Returning Students:

Caitlin Kauff, $2000


2020 Frances Brougher Scholarship for Entering Freshman:

Emma Owens, $2000

Piper Bellcase, $1000


2020 Lawrence Buford Scholarship for Returning Students:

Caitlin Kauff, $2000


2019 Frances Brougher Scholarship for Entering Freshman:
Amelia J Vidrine, $2000
Ramsi Rodriguez, $1000

2019 Lawrence Buford Scholarship for Returning Students:

 Lydia Camille Carriere, $2000

2018 Freshman:
Lydia Camille Carriere, $2000
Daniel Bushland, $1000


2018 Returning Students:
Alyssa Cornelius, $2000
Ann Gilbe
rt, $1000

2017 Freshman:

Genesis Myers, $2000

Ann Gilbert, $2000

Madison Meserole, $2000

Camila Padilla, $2000

Shaydlin Baker, $2000

2016 Freshman:

Ann Gilbert, $2000

Shaydlin Baker, $1000

Taylor Bradley, $1000

Kathryn Cahalan, $2000

Rachel Quigley, $2000

Cristina Garcia, $500

Francis Copley, $500

Alyssa Cornelius, $500

Garrett Bruce, $500

2015 Freshman:

Alexandra Willis, $1000

Jacob Kilford, $1000

2013 Freshman:

Jeremy Jackson, $1000

Kathryn Cahalan, $1000


2012 Freshman:

Amanda Davis, $1000

Jeremy Jackson, $1000


2011 Freshman:

Nolon Young, $1000

Christopher Carmouche, $1000


2010 Freshman:

Radmon Rice, $1000

Emelia "May" Wright, $1000


2009 Freshman:

Sallie Hobbs, $1000

Chris Mericas, $1000


2008 Freshman:

Aicacia Mei Young, $1000

Kaleigh Elizabeth Carter, $1000


2007 Freshman:

Chiemeka Duru, $1000


2006 Freshman:

Stephanie Hick, $1000

Chiemeka Duru, $1000


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