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The Austin Chapter of the LSU Alumni Association offers two chapter scholarships to the "Greater Austin Area" students.

Through our annual fundraiser, started way back in 1991, we have managed to raise over $80,000 for our scholarships!



(For Entering Freshman)

2018 Recipients​

Winner ($2000) – Lydia Camille Carriere

Runner up ($1000) – Daniel Bushland



(For Returning Students)

2018 Recipients

Winner ($2000) – Alyssa Cornelius

Runner up ($1000) – Ann Gilbert

Membership in the LSU Alumni Association is open to anyone who graduated, attended, thought about attending, has children or family who attended, is a fan of, likes the people who are associated with, or otherwise just wants to be a part of the LSU family. Joining is for EVERYONE!

By becoming a member of LSU Austin, you pay your membership dues for both the LSU Austin chapter and the LSU Alumni Association in Baton Rouge.  (Not sure if you're a member? LSU Alumni Association from Baton Rouge provides the Austin chapter with a listing of all membership payments, which we periodically update to the website.)